BMapper is a program that overlays BLIP data (, onto any geographic projection raster map (BMP format) with known coordinates. The program comes with background maps similar to the above map. Additionally, BMapper allows screen capture of the background map from other programs you may own such as SeeYou and Delorme.

Additional features:

  • Local storage of all Blipmaps ever viewed for review at any time
  • Customizable color gradients and schemes for each parameter and map
  • Save snapshots at any time to recall later when you want to see when and why you decided to do that 1000 km flight
  • 4 different, customizable data sets are memorized to allow progressive downloads of data as the day piqued your interest
  • Turnpoint files (.dat files) can be shown on the raster map for area task planning
  • Notes can be taken for any day so you can relate your experience to what was predicted
  • A simple right click will bring up the FSL sounding Java applet in a browser set to the Lat/Long of the right click in BMapper