As of Apr 8, 2010 BMapper became a FREE program

You still need a Dr. Jack Username and Password to download the data that BMapper displays.

Thanks to Frank Paynter for tracking down a Win7/fast computer problem that interferred with downloading.  Here, in May 2014,  is the first update in 4 years!

ADVANCED USERS: If you use the Maps' Right click 'Sounding Here' features, you will need this file in your BMapper directory (SoundingURL.txt , use Right click 'Save Linked content as' to save it to you computer) AND you need to set your 'Sounding Options'>'Model'>'User Txt' Option Button AND setting the 'User Txt' text box to 'RAP'. (Begin navigating to 'Uset Text' by Right Clicking on Map after the file is in place)

If you have any version of 1.13 installed and would like to upgrade to the 1.14 FREE version, here is the zipped executable, (0.3 mb), the exe is dated May 28, 2014 at 4:44pm.  Simply unzip this file and replace the BMapper.exe in your BMapper directory.

Download the complete BMapper v1.14FREE for Windows here (this can also be used to upgrade your installation to the FREE version):   

Installation instructions:

  1. Have your Dr. Jack User name and Password handy as BMapper will not download Blipmap data unless you are registered with Dr. Jack.  This can be obtained through
  2. Run the above setup program to install BMapper.

Included in the installation is a sample background map of the Mifflin area.

Here are other maps if you prefer:

Simply unzip any of the above map sets and put all the unzipped files in your BMapper installation directory.

K1 Raster Maps for SeeYou users:

As promised, here is the area around Lookout Mountain for use in SeeYou:

  • Lookout  (10 mb)